“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go! DREAM.


I have shared on here my affinity for the Dr.Seuss book “Oh ,The Places You’ll Go”. If you put that title into the search function on this blog, the story will come up. It is an amazing story so I encourage you to have a quick read.

Beyond those words stirring a feeling of connection because of the book, they also made me pause as I don’t seem to dream about travel any more. My graduation present to myself after I finished my university education was a trip to Europe. Teaching, among other reasons, was attractive to me as I thought it would allow me to work and travel. My move out west came about as a result of my love to travel. I had thought I wanted to travel the world via a sailboat for years. This is making me pause as I’m not sure if I’ve lost the love of travel or if I’m blocking what had been a dream of mine for years for some reason.

This is one of the images/words on my board that is there as it’s made me pause. With time, I would like to figure out if I’ve lost my dream to travel.

Good Morning! Good Night! Thanks for stopping by!

“You will be a failure, until you impress the subconscious with the conviction you are a success. This is done by making an affirmation which ‘clicks’.”

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My 2011 Vision Board Affirmations

Introducing…(To Me, with Love)…Her Own Woman

This is certainly an affirmation to myself that I am my own woman (playing in my head is: “I Am Woman” by Helen Reddy) and that I love this person. Regardless of what I’ve been through and the times where I shake my head at myself for feeling dumb as to choices I’ve made, that I actually stop and celebrate where I’ve been and who I am as a result of that. And just as importantly that I realize the things that I need to continue on this path which are captured essentially by both vision boards.

I’m grateful for all of you that loved me before I truly loved myself :)

I deserve a little protection every day.

What resonates as affirmation for me are the words deserve, protection and every day. I’m still coming up with what I deserve in life but so far I’d say that respect and love are most prominent. I’ve been pretty independent for a very long time, it’s nice to admit that I sometimes would like some protection! In conclusion, every day I deserve respect, love and on some days will take protection!

Clear energy choice w/ pic’s of rainbow, sun, sky, clouds.

(Photo Courtesy of Diana Johnson Photography www.dianajohnsonphotography.com)


Diet, sleep, living as close to a drama free life as possible are all things that I know affect one’s energy. For me, I realize that I also adore being outside. I adore living on the ocean. I adore having the forest at my finger tips. I adore that every day the sounds and sights are different outside my door. And I could go on! This living as one with nature translates into me being energized. And I need to be aware of that and grateful for it every day!!! This set of pictures is simply helping me to do that. And yes, it’s turned me into “one of those” out West crazy hippy chick girls!!!!

Damsel in distress? Not when I’m around.

I get it :)   Finally I get why people suggest that I am inspirational and that I motivate them. And this picture symbolizes that to me. I want to continue to feel comfortable being that person and affirming that is who I am.

Value Connections

I value my connections with people so much. I hope it is something those that are close to me know is important to me. It is also something that I want to be a tenant of my biz which will separate me out from the rest. This is an affirmation of connections being that important to me!

Journey to Healthy

I realize that I am on a journey and I’d like to give myself props for how far I’ve come. YES (while doing a double fist pump)! I am so excited to be who I am today. My mind, body, and soul are at such amazingly healthy places. This is an affirmation of that and a deep gratitude as there are many people along the way that have helped me reach this point. Thank you to each and every one of you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Everything takes times. A wise woman said to me, “only go as fast as the slowest part of you can go”. Those words have repeated through my head so many times over the last year. Again, this is an affirmation that it’s ok to have taken the time I have on myself. Ultimately, my children and I will be the better for it.

New Slender Secret that Instantly Slim You. Do you have an instant?

If you have not seen the movie, “What The Bleep Do We Know?”, please do. It will articulate this point in a way that I’m not equipped to do. However, here’s a shot at what this means to me. Thoughts become things. As I’ve mentioned in past blog postings, I was struggling with my weight. And when I say struggling, I was working out, eating well and still not losing weight. The doctor suggested we do a range of tests to see what perhaps might be the problem. It turns out that physically I was great! Hmm…how much easier would have been for me in that moment if he had prescribed a drug or a certain procedure and said that would fix me. Just kidding (kind of). However, I had to accept in that moment that the problem with the weight loss was mental. I was not releasing my weight for some reason. Remember the soother from above, the weight was fulfilling a need for me. It made me have to pause to see what that was. It was certainly protecting me from entering into the dating phase of my life. I only realized that after I dropped some weight and then felt ready to date: “aha” I figured part of the reason out. I accepted myself. I went through the dating phase. I’m in an amazing relationship (yes that is part of my vision board so just hold on!). So why still hold on to some weight (especially if you consider my exercise pace of the last couple of months and all the cleanses)? Thoughts become things. The secret that I am referring to in the bold words is my thoughts. And yes I do have an instant each day to tell myself that I am deserving of the body I’ve always wanted and certainly strived for. It’s that simple. If you have doubt, watch the movie!!!

The next entry will be the more foccussed goals I want to accomplish for 2011 and the relationship section you’ve all been waiting for :)

Good Morning! Good Night! Thanks for stopping by!

How do you know you are beautiful inside & out?

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How do you know when you are beautiful inside and out? U just know. SPECIAL.

This is a question that I’ve struggled with for awhile. I always believed I was just who I was and that person shined through and created a certain presence. However in being conscious of that presence and those looking in on it, I would adapt who I was. So it was almost like I was two people, the one doing the action and then the one assessing the action and adjusting it based on who was around. Sound confusing? Well imagine how much energy that took! In making a conscious choice to no longer do that for the past year, but to focus on just being (which I may make sound easy however note that it took me a year!!!), I’ve come to realize that there are certain things that I want to help me feel that way. I want to feel special. Going back to how I was raised (yes Mom, sorry have to do it!), I was raised that wanting to feel special was somehow inherently wrong. Good girls didn’t seek that attention. Special was for those that for some reason were less and therefore needed something extra to feel whole. Guess what? I’m whole, I want to feel special and I’m a nice girl!!!!

What does that look like for me? Being looked at in the eye when one is talking to me. Being asked in a genuine manner how I am and what makes me who I am. Being given a look or a touch which I know is just for me. Having my favourite food remembered. Having my birthday celebrated (yes for a month!). Having my voice heard. Feeling loved, appreciated, and respected. And the biggest learning in this all, was to know that I first had to feel this way about myself and start treating myself this way before I could reasonably expect anybody else to. And also to know that at the end of the day, it was ok to not only realize I wanted this but to ask for it.

Thank you to everybody who on this journey has helped me feel special! You’ve contributed to me seeing that this is a destination I want to have. And just an FYI: my birthday month is March :)

Good Morning! Good Night! Thanks for stopping by!


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This is the TITLE to my personal vision boards. Yes I said boards, as there are two! (And one biz one! Also working on a family one and a couple one!) The images and words found on my board and described below are all the things that I want in order to continue my journey while staying true to me and who I am as a person. In Amber style, I would like them to happen in an empowered & energetic way! Thanks for taking the journey with me :)   As always, I welcome your feedback, love and support! Remember to grab a coffee, tea, smoothie, and/or milk & cookies, as you might be reading for awhile!

My vision boards this time around are different than in the past. Some of the images/key words are going to have SMART goals attached to them (as I’ve done in the past and explained on my blog in great detail).

Some of the images/key words are going to be new found pieces of knowledge about myself that I’m sharing and putting out there to see how in time how they will grow. My thinking here is to see how much more they will grow by putting them out there. And they aren’t things I want to attach a SMART goal to more a personal “AHA” that I feel is essential to who I am in this moment and who I want to continue to be.

Some of the images/key words I don’t have an answer or a way to achieve it but just know it is an important piece that if not achieved, my life will look quite different in the future and it’s not a direction I want to go in. In these ones I’m trusting that the mechanism for how to do it will be found as my eyes will be open to looking for more possibilities than it sees right now. So I’m noting it, but not committing to a path as to how to obtain it.

And very important to note, these boards are a vision as to how I would like my life to look as I’m choosing to be the pilot in it. And like a flight plan, there is a destination and a route and there is also a large chance that during the flight there might need to be an adjustment to what the universe presents along the way! While anticipating that sometimes you might have to veer off course, a vision board is a reminder of the final destination!

Good Morning! Good Night! Thanks for stopping by!

Where have I been?!

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As I’m ready to launch my new vision boards, I first want to apologize, kind of :)   I certainly have been meaning to blog more often as business tool and as a personal growth tool; but life just got in the way! I often talk about being my own pilot and that comes with knowing your destination but sometimes having the route be detoured a bit from what it was originally. In this case, I realized that before ASTC could become what I want it to, the first two letters AS (not ASS!) needed to figure some sh*t out. As figuring sh*t out is a life long process, I expect that will happen more than once in this journey. However, I know that with what I have figured out and with where I want to be personally and professionally, I’m still the pilot and my destination is still on course! Thanks for coming on my ride :)

Welcome to my 2011 Vision both for AS and ASTC. How are your 2011 plans looking? Are you picturing where you see yourself in 3, 6, 9, 12 months? What about 5, 10, 15, 100 years?

While life is a journey and not a destination, the destination is still important. Envision it, write it down, talk to people about it, write a song about it, blog about it, and live it. I talk to a lot of people about what they want out of life  and out of their businesses, with very little prompting people know what they want and they’re afraid to say it. Their “destination” is too grand, too unachievable, too uncomfortable. I am giving you  permission to share your dream. I’m putting mine out to you and another million or so close friends :)   What have you got to lose?

As I share my 2011 Vision, where have I been will be unveiled! As I’ve been on a personal journey, really still completing my last personal vision board, I’ll share my deep learning moments (or my “aha’s” as I like to call them), my new personal and business SMART goals, and some other goals that I want to achieve that I’m not quite sure of the route yet to achieve them. I’ll share some personal stories as to how I’ve come to realize that certain areas of my life I want to change up. I’ll really be introducing you to the person you see before you today (or read before you today). I feel as though I’ve been in a cocoon of sorts for the past two years and that the butterfly that is emerging now is pretty skookum, even if I do say so myself :)

Enjoy my journey, I sure am! I hope you are able to laugh, cry, smile, and be inspired!

Good Morning! Good Night! Thanks for stopping by!


10/10/10: My Journey

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As I was updating my facebook status this morning and realizing I had way too many characters, I realized I probably needed to blog about all my thoughts in relation to my 10/10/10 journey.

This will only be a snippet, I will come back for more later, as I hope you will!

The journey of 21km started with a thought I set for myself in May of last year. I wanted to start running. So up went the running pictures on my vision board. When I defined that into a SMART goal, I realized that preferably I wanted to run with someone in my neighbourhood & getting along with them would be great too! I connected with a fantabulous person, Erica Rudischer, who lived in walking (or should I say running!) distance and has since been deemed “my soul sista from anotha mista”.

The goal I had to start running became an inspired path as I committed to train with Erica for the half marathon she was doing on 10/10/10. Although I hesitated on signing up for it, I told her I would do the training with her. More on my hesitation later!

In committing to run train with Erica, I ended up with this amazing bond with an awesome human being. When I say she’s my “soul sista from anotha mista” what I mean is that I love her. We have picked each other up from physical and emotional falls, dragged each other up the hills of our neighbourhood and the bumps of life, and most important to me, is committed to be there for each other not only for this training but in our lives. Thank you Erica for coming into my life with your rays of sunshine!

As Erica is a pusher, of all things good (!!), my world then kept expanding. I met a wonderful group of runners. I got close with her amazing family and friends.

I have so much more to add but the children are awake :)

Good Night! Good Morning! Thanks for stopping in! Please do check back later!

In truth, reality only exists right now—it’s as close and accessible as our breath—and this awareness heals suffering caused by past regrets or future fears.

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Wow, apparently I had lots to say and perhaps taking time off my blog was a silly idea?!

I have been keeping journals, just not been writing on here. I took the summer “off” with the kids and am happy I was able to do that. We created a lot of memories at our wonderful ocean front home with our awesome roomies! We had lots of company and lots of bonfires! What did you do this summer?!

As promised below is my spring vision board, I’m now ready to create a fall one. Please come and join me at the next Learning to Fly series in October!

Relationship Building

The Little Black Book: I wanted to date to figure out what I wanted in a partner or if I even wanted a partner ;)  To that end, I joined Plenty of Fish, an online dating site, as well as put the word out to friends. I am happy to report there has been lots of dates :)

Tricks of The Trade: In going through the dating process, I wanted to learn more about my wants, needs, desires, etc. to find out what works for me as opposed to what works for the male counterpart. I journalled about my dates and talked a lot about the experiences in order to do this. As life is a highway, I’m still riding this particular wave!

Get Turned On: See blog posting in relation to (shh!) s-e-x. I’m spelling it out!

Good Men Aren’t Hard to Find: In going back into the dating scene which I had not been in for 2o years, I wanted to ensure that I reinforced that there are lots of good men out there! Otherwise, I would attract the not-so-good ones! The first guy I met and dated was a stellar human being! And truth be told, many of the men are!

Events to do with a Soul Mate with a Picture of Two Star Fish: I will find somebody who is for me, and I for them, by doing the above things! Again, this is still a work in progress but nice to know what I am working towards and what this looks like for me (which will be on my next vision board).

Baby: I wasn’t sure under which category to put this! And still will wait on disclosing the full meaning :)


Calendar Girl & Flirty Florals: I want to feel as though I could be a calendar girl and yet still be the hippie chick! This has come about by expressing myself through the clothes I wear. I have pieces that demonstrate both sides!

Natural Beauty & Makeup: I want to be comfortable in my skin, as well as enhance what I have and not feel shameful in either. Being blessed with my roomie who is into make up, I’ve experimented and even own some now!

Girl in White Dress: The sexyness and the allure of the woman in confidence and poise I want to attain. With time and comfort in my own skin, I believe this is shining through! Even wore a white dress with a bikini underneath it!


Chameleon: Maintaining that I can fit into different situations as me! I am able to do this in every facet of my life and will continue to do so with ease.

Perspective: Conviction and Committment: This in essence sums up who I am, a person with perspectives based in conviction and committment. There are times when having clarity on this perspective helped me re-jig how I was feeling about certain biz dealings. As well as really focussing on having a creative mindset, instead of a competitive one.

Be inspired: The common theme people tell me that I do for them is to inspire them. I love to hear this and am thinking about getting a tatoo of it. (Other options: Be Here Now or I am Beautiful…opinions anyone?) I love that I inspire and will continue to strive to do this.

Envision Your Possibilities: This sums up what life should be about. If an option is taken away, it’s really about knowing how to envision another one or at least being open to the fact that another will come your way.

An Investment…a Life of Beauty: Thinking about your choices and actions & how by investing in yourself your investing in the beauty that radiates from within, especially by being who you are.

Be Here Now: Beyond tattoo potential (see above),  “now” is all that we have.  This grounds me when I get fearful of past mistakes or worry about future ones.

Women Controlling Everything: Realizing that I need to “let go” of certain areas of my life which are not in my control. Feeling okay about that.


Find Your Inner Slim: In the struggle to not have my outer body determine who I am, I needed to work on this. I’m slowly but surely getting there. I was given an awesome simple tip. Talk to your body with compassion and love. I’ve re-drawn hearts on mine with permanent ink!!

Training: I wanted to start some sort of physical training. In working with a boxing gym club owner on something totally unrelated, I was able to attain this by training at a boxing club!

Running Mini Wardrobe: I have wanted to get into running for years. Put it on my board and the next week I had found people to run with. I then committed to running a half marathon on 10/10/10 which in June seemed a long time away, now not so much!!

Adventure: I was hoping to have seen more of the Island and tried more of the sports. This will have to come in time as with being off with the boys, it was hard to partake in a lot of these types of activities.

Learn a New Step a Month: I always like to be learning. To that end I did a new biz venture this summer which definitely had a learning curve!

Run an Efficient Kitchen: I wanted to make more homemade meals and be more prepared with them. I did this by having bake and cook offs in which I was able to freeze lots of good food!

Keep it Simple: Not always do I need to think everything has to be gourmet!

Yoga: Getting back to the meditative piece of mind. Something I have just started back at.

Digestion: I am doing a cleanse to this end, as well as the running.

Perfect Portions: Still working on this one but at least I know what they are now!


The juice that launched a thousand imitators: I would like to one day have a biz that does that.

Life Coach: Putting You First   Another piece that I need to emphasize and work on.

Slam Dunk: Trying out new biz ideas to see which one will be a slam dunk.

Another Sunday Shareholders meeting: Involving the kids in financial matters and hopefully in starting a biz.

What If: What if everything I wanted came to fruition?!

Tie In

Balance is Everything & Energy Reserves Improve: My life in general to reflect that, which it does!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my spring vision board and will think about coming out to do one for yourself. They are so powerful!

Good night! Good Morning! Thanks for stopping by!

‎”The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven.”

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Morale of today is: Don’t believe everything you think!

“Don’t believe everything you think”…yes, that is what it says!

Start monitoring your thoughts for negativity: things like judgement, worrying, complaining, criticizing, and permission to procrastinate. As these things occur, remind yourself that you have the choice to make your world heaven or hell. It’s all relative to what story you create about it.

Choose instead to start influencing your thoughts with the positive messages that you want to influence your daily existence and your actions with. The Learning to Fly series promotes this through running it in a group setting, as well as through teaching the concept of a vision board.

The group setting enables you to say your positive thoughts aloud, this makes them more real and more concrete. It also gives you some accountability. If you are doing these exercises on your own, an accountability partner(s) is a great person to have. You have to choose this person wisely as it has to be somebody who understands the power of thought. Another suggestion is to get an elastic band for around your wrist and as you have negative thoughts, as described above, snap your wrist with the band. Remind yourself of how powerful your thoughts truly are. Once you realize that, you will want to do your best to never think a negative thought again!

A vision board is another great way to do ensure positive thought. When having a negative thought, you can envision your vision board and where you are actually going with your life as you have planned. And in more positive thought moments it reinforces the trek you are on!

I shared my two Vision Boards that I created in January of 2010 in earlier blog entries (Dream, Dream, Dream and “Un bon croquis vaut mieux qu’un long discours.”). I shared the pictures and sayings on each board, as well as the intent behind each picture and saying. In previous entries (A Virgin Blogger), I shared my AHA moments of 2009 and what learnings I had taken that would propel me forward, as opposed to being stuck in them. In another entry (Drum Roll Please) you can view the SMART way to plan these visions out so that they have measurable results that helped me ensure that I was successful in reaching each intent picture or saying, and the steps to get there.

Originally, I had planned those goals displayed on my vision board would take me through the 2010 year. But by the end of  April of 2010, the boards had come to fruition and it was time to re-assess and create another. At that point I offered a free Vision Board workshop as I was so excited at how the Learn to Fly process worked for me!

Won’t you join the upcoming October or November series to see how it could work for you!?!

Good Morning! Good Night! Thanks for stopping in!

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

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How appropriate to be writing this on September 11th…”Your time is limited”

Learning to Fly was born out of the realization that I had been living someone else’s life…no longer could I define who Amber was and what she wanted. I felt something akin to a hamster on a wheel, just spinning round and round. When this realization struck me, I knew I needed to make a change. I needed to figure out how to get back to feeling what my heart and soul were telling me.

This journey started out with me answering some basic questions about myself. However putting my heart and soul into answering those questions made it become not so basic and actually life altering. This is what you too will do in the first session of the Learn to Fly series. Once these questions are answered, you are able to create a vision board. This board is purposefully created to begin to influence yourself as to what you want to get out of life.

The second step is to ensure that anything that might be preventing your from reaching those visions is realized. For me this meant focussing on my 2009 year and pulling out all my learnings from everything that had occurred. Others might need to go back further into their lives. We do this so that we don’t get stuck in anything. So that we are able to see past events as past events, nothing more, nothing less. We leave the stories of these events behind.

The third step is to create SMART goals to reach each of these visions. This is the planning part in which you are held accountable to what you are going to create for yourself. Because truly if you don’t, who will?!

The final step is a light-hearted movie discussion. It touches upon life skills that will be important to aid you in reaching your visions!

Won’t you come Fly with us!?!

Good Night! Good Morning! Thanks for stopping in!

“Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.”

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It’s time to love yourselves my friends! Commit to the Learning To Fly four-week series in which you are the focus :)   The Learning To Fly interactive workshop series will help you if you are frustrated with an aspect of your life, not sure how to stop making the same choices you keep making, or just want to have more happiness, peace of mind and passion. Come Fly With Us! There are October & November dates & a new online service. Book by Sept. 20th & pay no HST!

Why am I so passionate about the Learn To Fly series? Because I’ve seen it work. People see their potential and truly learn how to pilot their lives. Its exciting, mesmerizing, and life transforming. What a better gift for yourself!

What is the Learning To Fly series? Its defining a path for yourself based on who you are in this moment. Its letting go of what fears and stories that might be holding you back. Its creating a plan for this path with definite points of measurement. Its celebrating in where you are in this moment.

Come Fly with us!

Good Morning! Good Night! Thanks for stopping by!

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