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My name is Amber Scotchburn. Amber Scotchburn Training Consultants (ASTC) is a company I founded in 2008 to offer training programs based in Life Skills.

Amber Scotchburn Training Consultants have the core purpose of building strong and healthy communities. Our founding belief is that society is best served by ensuring all community members become positive and productive contributors. We are devoted to helping people learn the information and skills, and to gain the experience and support they need to become responsible, effective members of society.

The World Health Organization defines life skills as “abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”. The psychosocial and interpersonal skills generally considered important to be able to be successful in life. In order to excel at a job, a sport or any discipline, a person must acquire and master these skills.

To present date, we have run Life Skills based training programs ranging from one hour sessions to three day sessions to semester long sessions. Each training program is created based on a need identified in the community that is being served.

ASTC regognized that Vancouver Island was in need of a Tutoring service that offered something beyond the pen to paper services that other existing tutors and tutoring agencies offer. Hence, the training progrom Tutoring…With A Twist was created! Tutoring…With a Twist is a training program devised to not only increase a studentsʼ literacy and numeracy levels but to also enhance their life skills. The Twist is that life skills is a component of each and every program, coupled with project based programming which can also be within a study group. We want to enhance what a student is already learning and provide them with tools for success beyond the classroom. Please visit our website: http://www.tutoringwithatwist.ca

This blog is dedicated to sharing facts, stories, experiences, thoughts and ideas all related to  life skills “education”. I’d like education in this sense to be thought of as a any experience where someone is learning something! I have a passion for life long learning and believe if we aren’t learning, we are dying.

I hope you enjoy following along as much as I enjoy providing the information!

Thank you,


ps=This is a picture taken of me just after having a wonderful walk along the ocean, so I’m a little wind blown and sweaty! I chose this picture as opposed to a more “perfect” one as it is a pretty accurate reflection of me out and about in this wonderful place I call home!


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